Because we love baking…

Precisely: In the beginning there was a love of baking.
The founder of Backtechnik did not start his company in a garage (like so many other innovative companies), but more or less in a bakery. Our guiding principle: How can you make baking easier while maintaining quality and craftsmanship?

  • 1998

    Backtechnik Süd GmbH is founded by Gerd Maag

  • 1999

    Tilo Grundmann comes on board at Backtechnik Süd GmbH. In the same year, the company takes over the general distribution of a Dutch producer of bread systems

  • 2000

    The subsidiary Backtechnik Industrie GmbH is formed. The former customer service manager of Winkler Bäckereitechnik GmbH, Jürgen Effinger, becomes Managing Director. Backtechnik Industrie GmbH offers spare parts and services for machines and ovens of Winkler Bäckereitechnik worldwide

  • 2001

    The two companies Backtechnik Süd GmbH and Backtechnik Industrie GmbH merge to form Backtechnik S.I. GmbH

  • 2002

    Backtechnik S.I. GmbH begins production of its own bread systems. In order to acquire additional equity, the company enters into a joint venture with Beta GmbH Bakery Engineering, 3B Produktions GmbH

  • 2003

    Backtechnik S.I. GmbH presents its first self-manufactured bread system, which is sold to Interspar from Austria

  • 2005

    Backtechnik S.I. GmbH delivers its first complete bakery installation to the Middle East

  • 2009

    Jürgen Effinger, Gerd Maag and Tilo Grundmann acquire Backtechnik S.I. GmbH in equal shares

  • 2015

    Backtechnik S.I. GmbH has established itself as a successful manufacturer of specialized and customer-optimized baking systems, which are supplied to a total of approx. 300 existing customers in Germany and around the world

  • 2015

    3B Produktions GmbH and Backtechnik S.I. GmbH merge and invest in the construction of a new type of mesh belt oven, which is presented at the IBA in Munich

  • 2016

    Three used mesh belt ovens are successfully overhauled in-house for the first time

  • 2018

    The company relocates to Donaueschingen

  • 2019

    As a result of a succession plan, Backtechnik is transferred to Kapitalkontor GmbH as a long-term strategic investor. Jakob Preisenberger becomes Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

  • 2020

    New employees join Backtechnik in the areas of design, assembly/electrical systems and sales. Intensification of the international sales activities

  • 2021

    Backtechnik S.I. GmbH is dedicated to the new and further development of baking machines. Extensive advancement of the standard machine programme with regard to durability, simplication of cleaning and maintenance as well as modern hygienic requirements for German and international bakeries of all sizes