BACKTECHNIK computer controlled BREAD LINE

Efficient and safe

In order to optimally meet the needs of modern artisan and medium-sized bakeries, we have developed the MASTER computer control system. In combination with our baking machines, the system ensures that your specific products will be produced daily in the desired quantity and with consistent top quality – safely and irrespective of the level of experience of the person operating the system.

Our SOFT or SOFT BIG Dough Divider, our ALLROUND Conical Dough Rounder, our ROUNDER Belt Rounding Machine, the TIMER Pre-Proofing Cabinet and our MAX Bread Moulder can be combined to suit your bakery and your specific needs. For you this means: Once programmed for the individual production of your products, everything runs safely at the push of a button.

This ensures that the same quality is produced at all times. For example, the dough divider automatically adjusts to occasional fluctuations in the texture of the dough by reweighing the dough pieces. The conical dough rounder selects the ideal speed and oiling setting for the baked product, and the baked product awaits optimum temperature and humidity conditions in the pre-proofing cabinet.

With it you get everything baked safely and fully automatically!