Mesh Belt Oven

Together we’ll get it done!

We are the right partner when it comes to the production of industrial mesh belt ovens of up to 50 meters in length. Our experts are also available for maintenance, repairs and inspections of your mesh belt oven. With Backtechnik, you can concentrate entirely on your core business: baking!

Spare Parts

Essential Ingredients – Delivered Quickly in a Pinch!

Whether for Backtechnik machines or Winkler systems: we are your contact when it comes to spare parts for baking machines. We are also at your disposal for design services, provision of rare parts and reverse engineering orders.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

You will always be on the safe side with the industrial systems and allround service of Backtechnik. From restoration to modular renewal, optimisation and expansion to maintenance and inspection services, you can rely on our many years of experience in the field of baking technology and equipment.

Completely overhauled Winkler high-capacity dough divider